Plzeň Pardubice


A day entrance fee is
50 CZK(ca. 2 EUR)

The only entrance be used by main entrance of racecours - Agrofert park. Ticket offices will be located there. If you belong to the festival's honorary guests, you will be able to find the guestlist there as well.

Children under 130 cm of height (ca. 4'4") are allowed to enter free of charge. Persons with any disabilities are also allowed to enter free of charge. (prices include VAT)


Attention: Please, buy your tickets ony at the designated ticket offices by the entrance to the festival. The originality of your tickets may and will be checked. If you decide to leave the festival area, you will be allowed to return only if you have a stamp, which is available from the staff at the entrance. You can ask for the stamp when leaving the area.